The Black Brow Tribe

First Hunt

This was the first full-scale playtest episode of Cavemaster. Sean, Diesel, Talzhemir and Denis created members of the Black Brow clan, a group of semi-migratory Cro-magnons who hunt Mastodons. The characters were Far-See (a jack-of-all trades with keen vision), Thick-Brow (a spear-armed hunter), Spring-Thorn (a swift spear-armed warrior), and Big-Hand (a stunningly charismatic cave-man with a bowl).

The PCs joined in a Mastodon hunt, accompanied by 2 NPC tribesmen (Dark-Meat and Rock-Head), who Big-Hand talked into it. Led by Thick-Brow the hunt went well, although their prey was almost stolen by NPC Strong-Bone’s hunting party; Spring-Thorn was sent ahead to engage the beast first, claiming it before Strong-Bone could get there. It was easily slain, though it was a rather small specimen.

Meanwhile, Strong-Bone’s group surrounded a larger Mastodon, and were starting to have trouble with it when the players came to their rescue. There followed a celebration at the Black Brow camp… when it was discovered that one of the slain Mastodons had had a strange symbol carved into its living tusk. What could this mean?



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