The Black Brow Tribe

Into the Valley

Green-Leaf remained behind in the Willow Forest, asks them to return for her.

Little-Mountain is now the lead Shaman of the band.

They traveled along the shore of the lake toward the land of the Valley Folk.

The first night, Soft-Touch (on watch) heard grey wolves attacking a Lava Folk war party in the distance, while Dark-Meat shirked his watch to dally with Little-Mountain. They snuck to that spot, but the Lava Folk had withdrawn. They found some discarded equipment, including another Lava Spirit amulet (also some dried goat meat, a spear and a spearhead).

In the morning, Thunder-Gut confronted Dark-Meat about failing in his watch. Dark-Meat stood up to him, so Thunder-Gut struck him with his club – knocking him unconscious. Little-Mountain healed him so he could travel again, which he did, sullenly.

The second day took them to a cold mountain stream, flowing into the lake from the west. Gar-Gun said this stream would lead them to the Valley Folk village.

On the third day, they encountered three Valley Folk hunters, fishing in the stream. At first mistaken for Lava People, they broke the ice by showing that they had rescued Gar-Gun. The Valley Folk hunters agreed to lead them to their village.

Thunder-Gut won the episode’s experience point, adding it to his Impressive Voice.



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