Black Brow Tribe

The Black brow Tribe consists of approximately 60 Yorwa people (aka Cro-Magnons).

Semi Migratory
The tribe has 2 semi-permanent campsites. They travel north to south and back again, following the mammoth herds in a narrow vertical oval route.

The Black Brows are ruled by a hereditary ruling caste. The current chief is Deep-Drum.

Cultural Traits

  • Bonded couples live as helpmates, and are not seen as exclusive sex partners.
  • Outsiders, though cautiously welcomed, are required to present themselves before the Chief – and expected to participate in barbaric (often violent) competitions.
  • Weapons must be worn openly.
  • Dangerous and addictive drugs are the exclusive domain of the Shaman and his/her apprentices. Poison, while known, is not used for hunting.
  • If a person or item is believed to be inhabited by a spirit, that item is also the exclusive domain of the Shaman.
  • As a general rule, Black Brow tribesmen are fearful of new ideas and technologies.
  • Code of Honor: Fights should be fair. If the opponent is stronger, then anything goes if it helps even the odds.
  • The tribe harvests salt from the great salt lake, for use in cooking.


  • A loose association of retired warriors promote competition with (i.e., raids upon) outsiders. This activity has significant support within the tribe.
  • Small bands of bravos, usually a group of friends, go off to compete with (i.e. raid) outsiders. Again, this activity has significant support within the tribe.
  • An insular group is formed around the shaman, Sleep-Weed, consisting of his apprentice(s) and closest kin. This is considered right and proper by the tribe. This group mainly concerns itself with conducting rituals at each of the 4 campsites (upon arrival, while there, and upon departure).

Adulthood & Naming Conventions
Infants are given a descriptive one-word baby name if they survive for more than a few days after birth. Children become adults when they have had 13 summers. An annual adulthood ceremony is held upon arriving at the tribe’s southern campsite. At the ceremony, new adults are given a two-word adult mane (usually in the form of adjective-noun), by a consensus decision between their surviving parents (if any) and the tribe’s chief and shaman.

Dark-Meat (Hunter)
Deep-Drum (Chief)
Little-Mountain (Widowed Healer)
Rock-Head (Warrior)
Sleep-Weed (Shaman)
Strong-Bone (Raider)
Stumble-Foot (Cavemaster)
Trade-Knife (Old Warrior)

Black Brow Tribe

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