Valley Folk Tribe

Valley Folk Tribe

The Valley Folk Tribe consists of an unknown number of Rogok people.

The tribe has a permanent village in the valley north of the Great Volcano.

The Chief rules all. Shamans have respect, but no political power. Chief-hood passes down through a male offspring of the Chief, chosen by the chief before death. If the Chief dies without choosing, or without offspring, the council of shamans chooses.

Cultural Traits

  • The Mammoth Spirit is predominant, though other spirits are also recognized and invoked to a lesser degree.
  • Outsiders (except for the hated Lava People) are largely unknown.
  • The Valley Folk do not eat Mastodons. Instead, they capture a few young ones periodically and train them as working beasts.
  • The Running of the Mastodons is an annual event, involving a herd of startled mastodons and a very narrow ravine.
  • Duels are fought in a fighting pit, surrounded by onlookers who are allowed to throw stones at the duelists.
  • They take one mate for life


Adulthood & Naming Conventions
Adults have a short, blunt, guttural-sounding name. Their names have two parts: the first part is their personal name, and the second part is the personal name of one of their two parents. Children have only a temporary nickname, example “Gar’s little flower”


  • Gar-Gun
  • Mar-Zur: Chief. Personality: tireless, nurturing jailer.
  • Kur-Mar: Son of chief Mar-Zur, champion of the tribe. Personality: disorganized archivist with a heart of gold.
  • Mee-Mar: Daughter of chief Mar-Zur. Personality: sloppy theologian. Thick-Brow’s mate. He gave her one of the amulets of protection against Lava. Core 5, Princess 1, Mastodon Spirit 1.
  • Chog-Rok: Mastodon shaman. Personality: burnt-out cleric.
  • Neb-Gor: Cave Bear shaman. Personality: bartender looking for love.

Valley Folk Tribe

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