The Black Brow Tribe

Plague of Frogs

Gar-Gun urged players to follow the shore of the lake, to avoid Lava People patrols.

That night, it rained – and a large number of anachronistic amphibians swarmed their camp, chasing insects:

Beezlebufo (aka Devil Frog)
Core Stones: 2
Toughness: 1 (armored head)
Tongue: Melee 1, Reach, Tangle
Move: Run/Leap 1/2 (Swim 1/2)

The players reacted badly, stopping several of the frogs from hopping harmlessly away by attacking them. Chaos ensued, and blind Gar-Gun was badly injured. The few frogs who got away hopped toward the edge of the water, where they were attacked by:

Core Stones: 5
Bite: 1
Move: Swim 1 (Run 1/2)

A photo is posted here:

Soft-Touch won the episode’s experience point.



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